This page is a site encouraging theological research on the mystery of Israel from the document « The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable », which has been published in 2015 and aimed at eliminating traces of the substitution’s theology in Christian theology. In this way, the 2015 document wishes to offer “a reflection prepared by the Commission for Religious Relations with Judaism on some of the current theological questions developed since the Second Vatican Council. This document is proposed as a starting point for a deepening of theological thought intended to enrich and intensify the theological dimension of the Jewish-Catholic dialogue ».

The objective here is to offer, like a research laboratory, a forum on which researchers from various academic fields can share works, conferences, critical reviews of articles and books related to Jewish-Christian relations .

The original document is available on the Vatican website in English, FrenchItalian and Hebrew.

Any publishing must be accompanied by the following elements for each author: name, title and affiliation, phone number and email address.

Deposits must comply with writing standards:

Word format; Times or Calibri font type; single spaced text; 12 pt font; 30 pages / 10,000 words maximum with footnotes and bibliography.

Responsible for the research program:

Marie-Laure Durand: PhD in Theology, specialized in the study of rabbinical Judaism.

Emmanuelle Main: PhD in History of the Jewish people, specialized in the history of Jerusalem.