The Department of Spiritualities, Arts and Cultures

The Department of Spiritualities, Arts and Cultures is a place of encounter open to all: scholars; people engaged in emergent practices and spiritualities; Christians desiring to deepen their faith. The Department’s aim is to move beyond prejudices, share perspectives, and thus reach a common understanding. The desire for dialogue requires us to cross boundaries of subjectivity to discover new forms of objectivity. To achieve this, the Department offers training programmes, workshops, retreats… In all, a substantial, in-depth study oriented towards mutual understanding. (…)

Ours is an increasingly interconnected world. Widely varying cultures are intertwined. We are convinced of the richness of such a cultural heterogenous mixture. Instead of self-withdrawal, we choose encounter and dialogue. What animates us is finding meaning in this diversity, questioning this complementarity, identifying possible perspectives.

In our secularised Western society, the spiritual quest takes on new and varied forms. We wish to discover all its richness, deepen our knowledge, as well as investigate further. How does Christianity allow itself to be questioned by these practices and emergent spiritualities? How to share the resources of Christianity with these new spiritual currents? How to build bridges between religions, spiritualities and sciences?

The arts are a singular place where this quest for meaning is expressed, where the encounter of the visible and the invisible, the sayable and the unsayable, is manifested. Outstanding mediators, the arts in all its forms allow us to cross boundaries, transcend limits, and serve as tools to bring together peoples, cultures, spiritualities, the human with other entities of nature and the invisible world. Interaction with the arts enables us to welcome what they reveal to us.